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Eric Weinberger offers an inside look at how the NFL Draft has grown over the years

The NFL Draft is the unofficial start of the upcoming season. But Eric Weinberger knows it’s so much more.

The yearly ritual doesn’t just introduce a fresh crop of rookies into the league. Despite its humbling beginnings as a closed-door, owners-only meeting, the NFL Draft has evolved into a full-on spectacle. Filled with drama and intrigue, the event is less about sports and more about entertainment.

And Eric Weinberger is largely responsible for this transformation. For more than 20 years, the Los Angeles-based media executive has craved a niche by “event-isizing” non-game content. Using this unique ability, he was promoted as the NFL Network’s first-ever Executive Producer. Here, he was instrumental in launching the channel’s coverage of the NFL Draft, schedule releases, training camps, and other off-the-field content.

As he continues to develop innovative content for the Bleav Podcast Network, Eric Weinberger is constantly looking for new ways to bring the NFL Draft into fans’ living rooms. With this in mind, Eric Weinberger chronicles the NFL Draft and how it’s changed throughout the years.

1936: First draft held at a hotel

There’s no fury like an owner scorned.

Bert Bell, the former owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, was irate when he missed out on a marquee free agent the previous year. So, he convinced the other owners to hold a draft. The team with the losing record would select first, and the other franchises would follow in reverse order. The format’s remained relatively unchanged since.

1980: ESPN televises the first draft

Tuning in wasn’t always a no-brainer.

A struggling start-up station called ESPN was desperate for a ratings win. The network’s then-president pitched an idea to televise the draft. It was initially met with skepticism from both sides. Undaunted, ESPN launched its first broadcast anyway. Now, Eric Weinberger and others have grown this into an entire year-round industry.

2006: NFL Network starts its own coverage

The on-air desk got a little more crowded.

The NFL Network shared the stage with its competitor. Despite covering the draft since its debut, the network began its own on-site coverage ahead of the 2006 season.

And Eric Weinberger was there leading the charge. For this one-night event, he remembers months of preparation, planning, and organizing of more than a hundred staff members.

2014: NFL begins rotating locations

The NFL Draft hits the road.

Due to a scheduling conflict in 2014, the league decided to explore other venues. It packed up operations in NYC and moved the draft to Chicago. It was an instant hit among fans. Since then, this has become the league’s newest annual tradition. This season’s draft is being held in Las Vegas.

2022: New technologies emerge

Eric Weinberger is still innovating.

Just like TV was once a novel idea, other digital platforms are leading the next wave. For the upcoming draft, he will partner with Bally Sports Ohio to air two Bleav in Bengals podcasts. Adam “Pacman” Jones and Solomon Wilcots will be joined by guests for multiple, 30-minute shows. The duo will discuss the draft, team-centric news, and offer an early season preview. Replays will be available to watch, stream, or download.

Manuel Mendy Goldring Shares 6 Reasons Cycling Is Good For Your Health

As Manuel Mendy Goldring explains, one of the ways to stay healthy is by being physically active. And what better way to exercise than through cycling? You can protect yourself from serious health conditions like heart disease, obesity, arthritis, mental illness, and diabetes. If you are looking for a physical activity that is not only fun but good for your health, consider cycling. Take a look at some of the health benefits of cycling.

Boosts Your Mental Health

Cycling can help relieve some mental conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety. Focusing on your cadence and the road allows you to concentrate on the present moment. This can help take your mind from whatever is causing you mental distress. Also, cycling is generally a fun activity that will help release endorphins in your body. This lowers your stress levels and puts you in a better mood.

Helps With Obesity And Weight Control

When you cycle, your metabolic rate increases, and you burn body fat and build muscles. That is why cycling is such a good activity to control or cut weight. If you are trying to cut weight, Manuel Mendy Goldring suggests pairing cycling with a healthy meal plan. Plus, this is a comfortable exercise where you can adjust your intensity to meet your needs. Steady cycling for about an hour can help you burn about 300 calories, which translates to at least 2000 calories in a week.

Promotes Coordination, Balance, And Posture

In the process of cycling, you will be improving your overall balance and posture. As one gets older, balance tends to decrease. Cycling can help you retain that balance, hence preventing falls.

Reduces The Risk Of Heart Disease And Cancer

As you cycle, you burn calories, and your heart rate increases, hence promoting blood circulation. This reduces the chances of you being overweight. This is why cycling is among the recommended ways to reduce the risk of getting major conditions like cancer and heart disease.

Helps Build Muscles

That resistance element that comes with cycling means you are not just burning fat but also building muscles. This is especially around quads, glutes, calves, and hamstrings. Fat is not as lean as muscles, and individuals with a bigger percentage of muscle tend to burn more calories even when inactive. As Manuel Mendy Goldring reminds you, it is likely that you will not end up with glutes like a track sprinter, but you will develop a nicely toned body.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Just like many other exercises, cycling can help promote your self-esteem. This occurs when you set goals for yourself and achieve them. A goal does not have to be complicated. Even deciding to be cycling for one hour daily for three days a week is still a goal. You can also set your goals in terms of distance. Once you achieve your goal, your body releases all these feel-good hormones that can enhance your self-esteem.

Manuel Mendy Goldring has seen the many health benefits of cycling. That is why he encourages other people to cycle as well. And as a bonus, you will also be protecting the environment because cycling is environmentally friendly.

Here’s How Mechanical Back Pain Treatment Can Improve Your Life According to Habib Chharawala of Bruggemeyer’s Osteopathic Practice

Habib Chharawala of Bruggemeyer’s Osteopathic Practice covers mechanical treatment and how it may allow you to improve your quality of life.

Back pain is a huge problem for Americans and folks around the world. Roughly 16 million Americans suffer from chronic back pain, with tens of millions more experiencing it on occasion. Fortunately, treatment can help. Medical expert Habib Chharawala of  Bruggemeyer’s Osteopathic Practice explains what mechanical treatment is and how it can relieve back pain.

“When I got into healthcare, I wanted to maximize how much of a difference I could make,” Habib Chharawala says. “This has led me to mechanical treatment as it allows you to treat back pain and pain in other tissues and joints as well.”

Mechanical therapy addresses mechanical dysfunctions. If your jaw hurts when you open your mouth or your back is sore when you get out of bed, a mechanical dysfunction may be at fault. If mechanical issues are the underlying cause of your pain, treatment with medication may prove ineffective in the long run. Pain pills might mask a patient’s pain today, but without fixing the underlying physical issues, that pain may become chronic.

Mechanical back pain treatment addresses the underlying problems that may be causing strain, pain, immobility, and other issues. Unfortunately, a sore back can cause all of these issues and more. Mechanical treatment, however, may relieve your back pain and help you restore your health.

“Different problems require different solutions,” Habib Chharawala notes. “If you want to enjoy your best health, it’s typically best to approach medical care holistically. Some treatment methods are better at treating certain conditions compared to others.”

Your back may be sore for a variety of reasons. One of the most common back pain problems is mechanical back pain. This means that the spine, joints, soft tissue, and discs are the cause of your problem rather than chemical imbalances or the like. When treating mechanical back pain, mechanical treatment is often the best method.

With mechanical treatment, medical experts will use hands-on treatment, like physical therapy, to reduce strain and to ensure that joints, bones, and muscles are functioning properly.

“Mechanical back pain treatment is a hands-on exercise, and that’s a good thing,” Habib Chharawala suggests. “Medications can’t be the answer for everything, and reducing strain reduces pain not just today but for years to come.”

If you’re suffering from a sore back, it’s wise to reach out to a mechanical therapy expert like Habib Chharawala at Bruggemeyer’s Osteopathic Practice. Generally, mechanical therapists will start by assessing the problem, classifying it, then providing treatment. A medical expert can also provide preventative health tips to prevent issues in the future. This way, you can lead your fullest life.

Habib Chharawala From  Bruggemeyer’s Osteopathic Practice Urges Patients Not to Suffer Through Chronic Pain

Some people try to tough their way through chronic pain. Unfortunately, this could ruin your quality of life, and you may not even notice. Many people suffering from chronic pain think they’re leading life on their own terms. However, they may be subconsciously avoiding many activities, such as hiking, playing with their kids, and working in the yard.

“Never accept chronic pain,” Habib Chharawala of Bruggemeyer’s Osteopathic Practice urges. “It’s often treatable, and once treated, you may find yourself happier and more active. Sometimes folks worry about getting hooked on medications, but with mechanical therapy, you don’t need prescriptions.”

Once treated, you may find yourself getting back to the activities you love.

The Value of Hunting for Conservation

Humans cause wildlife problems. No argument from hunters like Ryan Mullins on that point. However, the singular instance of sport hunting an animal is not the primary cause of wildlife population issues. Instead, development is the primary cause of habitat loss, population disruption, disease, and even extinction. As people and communities with land development continue to spread into former wild areas, they effectively push the wildlife out. That in turn forces animals to migrate, sometimes into more confined areas of remaining territory where they can live. That can also create population problems, over-predation by alpha species, starvation of others, and eventually more contact with humans. This isn’t an isolated case, per Ryan Mullins; many rancherias and neighborhoods are seeing coyotes and mountain lions coming into their suburbs looking for food as animals adapt.

The Conservation Benefits of Hunting

Ryan Mullins notes that hunting fundamentally seems like it’s adding to the problem of conservation challenges for the non-educated. This is because it involves a weapon and the cessation of a target’s life. However, in practice, legal hunting actively works towards the promotion of the wild as well as its long-term protection. After all, Ryan Mullins points out, there wouldn’t be hunting without the wild in the first place.

The very presence of hunters creates a significant deterrent and problem for poachers. By their very nature, poachers are committing illegal acts by killing animals that are protected. The penalties include jail time and thousands of dollars in fines if caught. However, if not seen in the wild, poachers are hard to catch. Hunters, however, work in the same locations and generally can identify a poacher very quickly. That extra set of eyes has helped law enforcement repeatedly in catching poachers.

Hunters also focus on wildlife population limitation, according to Ryan Mullins. Too many alpha level species end up wiping out lower-level species in a region, causing widespread starvation, overgrowth of other species and overall collapse of the balance. By applying limited hunting to control populations, a balance remains that allows regions to grow at a healthy rate, not overwhelming food supplies and not turning into problems for nearby human areas.

Finally, hunting supports environmental protection. The very areas that allow hunting need to remain in their natural state to be usable for the sport in the future. Flagrant development, pollution and damage negatively impacts hunting as well, argues Ryan Mullins. So, hunters regularly support protecting wildlife areas and zones from efforts to encroach with construction, mining, resource harvesting, and similar that would destroy the areas otherwise.

Responsible Hunting is a Partnership With Conservation

The long-term support of conservation works in the favor of the sports hunter, like Ryan Mullins, not against the recreational activity. Hunters provide boots on the ground that find issues, point them out to authorities, and help provide a civil effort in the protection of wildlife areas and their biology. Hunting gets a lot of condemnation from certain corners that focus on the specific issue of one animal. However, anyone who studies biological balance knows that when things are pushed out of hand in great numbers, bad things happen to the entire balance. A singular hunting event is not capable of doing that kind of damage. Everyone else as a human development, on the other hand, is quite capable of such damage and more if not controlled. 

Disadvantages of payday loans

Payday loans are frequently regarded as a convenient and quick way to borrow money when cash is tight. They were originally intended to assist borrowers in meeting short-term expenses until their next paycheck arrived, but the phrase has come to refer to a far broader category of loans.

It is true that this type of borrowing has its advantages, but it is not ideal for every situation. Payday loans, despite the fact that they are easy to obtain even with poor credit, can be extremely expensive. There are a variety of alternatives to obtaining a 300-dollar payday loan, so the drawbacks of payday loans should not deter you from requesting for financial assistance in the future.

Listed here are the most significant drawbacks of payday loans.

Hard to pay back

The most immediate risk of payday loans is that they can be extremely hard to pay back once they are taken out. Applicants may end up spending a higher interest rate on their loans than they would have on similar types of loans.

Tough to organize monthly outgoings

One of the dangers of short-term borrowing is that it might have a negative influence on your financial situation from month to month. Some loans allow you to repay them over a period of at least 3 months, but others may force you to repay them in full the next time you access your paycheck. Borrowers may find it difficult to manage their time under these limits, making it tough to organize other monthly outgoings around debt payments.

Eligibility criteria involved

The payday loan will not be granted if you do not have an established job or income, despite how much you plead and assure. If you don’t have a bank account, you won’t be able to write a check, which means you won’t be able to obtain the loan and the lender won’t be able to complete your order. If you require a cash advance but are not eligible for a payday loan for any purpose, you may be able to borrow money from friends and family members. In any case, because a payday loan only covers little sums of money, approaching your family and friends should not be too tough.

Ruins credit worthiness

Taking out a payday loan can be quite enticing, especially for people with limited cash reserves and a less-than-perfect credit history. Warning: Just because a payday loan company doesn’t seem to mind your credit history doesn’t imply that borrowing money from them isn’t a potentially dangerous proposition.

Shantel Marcum poses 7 “om”-azing benefits of yoga

It’s difficult to carve out time for exercise or self-care. Yet Shantele Marcum encourages you to be a little more flexible. Literally.

Yoga is all about bending and stretching. But it’s also so much more. Backed by countless research, yoga has been proven to improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

And Shantele Marcum wants to share these benefits with others. In addition to adopting the ancient practice as part of her own fitness routine, the Sarasota resident has also become a qualified yoga instructor. When she isn’t working as a Realtor for RE/MAX Platinum Realty, she is devoted to helping other yoga practitioners achieve new levels of wellness through yoga.

With this in mind, Shantele Marcum draws on her own experience to share seven reasons yoga should be a part of your health and fitness regime too.

Improve flexibility

Balance, flexibility, and stability are perhaps the best-known benefits of yoga. And there are considerable studies to support these claims. In research conducted by the International Journal of Yoga, these improvements were found across all age groups. As Shantele Marcum points out, the barrier to entry is pretty low. These benefits were visible after only 15-30 minutes of yoga each day.

Build muscle

Skip the gym. Lifting weights isn’t the only way to add strength. The National Institutes of Health‘s database is full of research correlating yoga with higher levels of upper body strength, weight loss, and stamina. This is achieved through incorporating fundamental poses, like Warrior II and Locust, regularly.

Assist posture

And these new muscles aren’t just for looks either. They produce secondary benefits, like improved posture and joint stability. Unlike weight training alone, yoga is comprehensive and less specialized. Elderly yoga participants report relief from chronic symptoms, like arthritis and back pain.

Reduce stress

Despite the key physical benefits, yoga is also mental. It promotes relaxation. Controlled breathing and meditation melt away anxiety. The ultimate goal is peacefulness and tranquility. For example, Shantele Marcum feels more energetic and less stressed throughout the day after practicing yoga. And she’s not alone. And science supports this feeling. Yoga enthusiasts produce fewer stress hormones when compared to non-practitioners.

Aid sleep

Less stress means better rest. The equation is simple. But the consequences of inadequate sleep can be costly. Serious health issues, such as obesity and depression, have been linked to poor or insufficient sleep. As with most forms of exercise, yoga enables participants to fall asleep quicker and sleep deeper. Even beginners experience this almost immediately. Proper sleep impacts your entire day.

Foster a healthy lifestyle

Mindfulness is a core component of yoga. With heightened awareness, yoga devotees embrace healthier life choices overall. Improved eating habits, established exercise routines, and an overall balanced lifestyle are byproducts. In some circumstances, yoga may decrease binge-eating disorders.

Boost heart health

Add all these benefits together, and your heart is much happier (and healthier) too. Exercise alone is enough to elevate the heart rate, which is always advantageous. However, yoga extends this even further. Seasoned yoga followers, like Shantele Marcum, typically exhibit lower blood pressure and resting heart rates. These factors drastically lower the risk of heart disease.

What Is OPS In Baseball?

In baseball, “ops” is an important acronym that stands for on-base plus slugging. This statistic is one of the most important measures of a player’s offensive ability. It takes into account not only how often a player gets on base, but also how effectively they can hit for power. In this blog post, we will discuss what ops is and how it affects the game of baseball!

Things To Know About OPS In Baseball

How OPS is Calculated?

OPS is calculated by taking a player’s on-base percentage and slugging percentage and adding them together. This number gives you a good indication of how well a player can hit for both average and power. Generally, the higher the OPS number, the better the player.

There are a few different ways to use OPS when analyzing players. One way is to compare it to the league average. This will tell you how a player stacks up against the rest of the competition. Another way to use OPS is to compare it between players. This can help you see which players are more effective at getting on base and hitting for power.

Why Is OPS Important?

OPS is one of the most important statistics in baseball because it combines two of the most important aspects of the offense. It takes into account how often a player gets on base, which is crucial for scoring runs, and also how well they can hit for power, which helps them drive in runners and score more runs.

Players with a high OPS are typically some of the best offensive players in baseball. They are able to get on base at a high rate and also hit for a lot of power. This makes them extremely dangerous hitters who can often be the difference-makers in close games.

What Is A Good OPS?

A good OPS varies from league to league. However, in general, an OPS of .800 or higher is considered good. This means that the player is getting on base at an 80% clip and also hitting for power with a slugging percentage of .800 or higher. 

Players with an OPS above .800 are typically some of the best hitters in baseball and are usually the ones that teams rely on to drive in runs and score them.


In conclusion, OPS is a very important stat in baseball that combines two of the most important aspects of the offense. It is used to measure how often a player gets on base and how well they hit for power. A high OPS is typically indicative of a very good hitter who can be relied on to drive in runs and score them. Thanks for reading.

Life on the run: Stephanie L. McJury shares her 4 favorite running races

At work or in her personal life, Stephanie L. McJury just runs.

As a hospitality professional, the Fairport, NY, native knows how to run an event. Since graduating with a degree in Tourism and Recreation Management from Niagara University, Stephanie L. McJury has specialized in event creation and logistics. She currently serves as the Director of Meetings and Conferences, leading teams and coordinating vendors. As if this isn’t enough, she commits to volunteering at several Washington, D.C.-based groups, near where she now resides.

When she’s not running one of her many organizations, Stephanie L. McJury is most likely lacing up her sneakers to hit the pavement. As an avid runner, she’s competed in countless 5k and 10k races, in addition to several half and full marathons. These races have taken her around the country. She’s undoubtedly logged a lot of miles (and memories) along the way.

While it’s impossible to recount every event she’s ever run, Stephanie L. McJury goes the distance here, recapping her top four favorite races.

Marine Corps Marathon

Nicknamed “The People’s Marathon,” this race is one of the largest in the U.S. Hosted annually in Arlington, VA, it has also been rated as one of the best for over four decades. The Marine Corps Marathon has even attracted some famous finishers, including Supreme Court justices, diplomats, and politicians. What makes this race so attractive is the breathtaking historical views. Stephanie L. McJury and others are treated to a tour past some of the nation’s most recognizable landmarks.

Army Ten-Miler

Like the Marine Corps Marathon, Stephanie L. McJury enjoys running with a purpose. Military-endorsed events hold a special place in her heart. Both of her grandfathers served in the Army. That’s why she participated in this race more than any other. But it’s also why she devotes so much of her off-hours to charity. In addition to being a wreath layer at the Arlington National Cemetery, she also dedicates her time to the Honor Flight Network. This program arranges transportation so that military veterans can visit the capital’s war memorials. For her, the Army Ten-Miler is more than a race.

Buffalo Half Marathon

This is another personal favorite but for different reasons. The Buffalo Half Marathon is a chance to come home. Born and raised only a couple of hours away, Stephanie L. McJury finds that this event truly showcases the spirit of the community. It seems the entire city gets together for this one weekend, to sponsor a fun, well-organized race. As a bonus, participants enjoy picturesque views of Lake Erie and iconic parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. This summer, Stephanie L. McJury will be competing in her fifth Buffalo Half Marathon.

Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure

Almost everyone is familiar with this race’s iconic pink ribbons. This national fundraising effort was forced to go virtual in the last couple of years due to the pandemic. However, Stephanie L. McJury considers it a privilege to compete in person previously. She got to stroll through Central Park and one of the greatest cities in the world. And, again, she’s proud to support such a worthy cause in the process.


The Chelsea trio of Ben Chilwell, N’Golo Kante and Mateo Kovacic have been ruled out of the big Premier League clash with Manchester United on Sunday. The three aforementioned players will sit out the game due to respective injuries.

England international Chilwell has been in sensational form for the Blues in the past weeks and his injury is a big blow to Chelsea. He suffered an injury to his right knee during the Champions League win over Juventus in midweek. Chilwell played 71 minutes of the game before he was replaced by club skipper Cesar Azpilicueta. In his post-match presser after the Juventus game, Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel revealed that the coming weeks will determine if Chilwell will need surgery to get rid of the knee injury.

Frenchman Kante also suffered a knee injury during the Juventus game. Englishman Ruben Loftus-Cheek came on for Kante in the first half after he twisted his knee. Tuchel informed reporters that the Ex-Leicester City player will be out of action for some days thus ruling him out of the Manchester United game.

Chelsea suffered some injury blows from the Juventus game as revealed above. The injuries to Kante and Chilwell overshadowed the 4-0 thumping handed out to the Old Lady through goals from Trevor Chalobah, Reece James, Callum Hudson-Odoi and substitute Timo Werner.

Premier League leaders Chelsea are also expected to be without Croatian international Mateo Kovacicfor the home game with Manchester United this weekend as the Blues try to maintain their three-point cushion at the summit. Kovavic has been struggling to overcome a thigh problem over the course of the last one month. Also, German international Kai Havertz is a doubt for the visit of the Red Devils as a result of the thigh injury that forced him to miss the Champions League victory over the Old Lady on Tuesday night.


Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has advised the club on what to do in the transfer market ahead of next summer. The ex-Liverpool defender spoke on transfers at Anfieldvia Sky Sports shortly after their unbeaten start to the season ended at West Ham United.

According to Carragher, Liverpool need to sign players in both the midfield and attacking departments. He pointed out that the Reds signed Portuguese attacking talent Diogo Jota from fellow Premier League team Wolves last summer and also signed defender Moussa Konate from German Bundesliga club RB Leipzig this summer, and that they need a similar addition in their midfield.

Liverpool were weakened in midfield this summer when Dutchman Georginio Wijnaldum left the club to sign for French giants Paris Saint Germain (PSG) as a free agent this summer. The Netherlands international left Liverpool at the end of his contract. He has penned a three-year deal at PSG until the summer of 2024.

Sky Sports pundit Carragher also advised Liverpool officials to ensure that they refresh the attack. He warned against an ageing front three. Brazilian attacker Roberto Firmino, Egyptian international Mohamed Salah and Senegalese player Sadio Mane have been the main attacking trio at Liverpool for some  years before the club signed Jota at the start of last season. Carragher also pointed out that the recent starting XI against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League was the oldest fielded by the club in decades.

Liverpool were unbeaten in ten games at the start of this season’s Premier League campaign before they were beaten 3-2 at West Ham United thanks to the goals from Alisson Becker (own goal), Pablo Fornals and French defender Kurt Zouma for the home team, while Trent Alexander-Arnold and second half substitute DivockOrigi were on target for Liverpool. The result left Liverpool in fourth place and four points off Chelsea at the summit.