Brook Taube Discusses Best Spots for Surfing in North Carolina

Brook Taube Discusses Best Spots for Surfing in North Carolina

Surfing continues to be a popular sport and hobby for people all over the world. Those who do go surfing will enjoy the excitement and solidarity that can come with being out on the open water and catching a great wave. A great place for anyone in the country to go to enjoy surfing is North Carolina, which has a busy surfing season throughout the year. One individual that has continued to love surfing is Brook B. Taube. There are various great spots throughout North Carolina that all surfers should try. 

Hatteras on Outer Banks

When it comes to surfing in North Carolina, Brook Taube and other enthusiasts will immediately start thinking about the Outer Banks. This part of the state, and its beaches, get some great waves, and the city of Hatteras offers various convenient beaches for visitors and local residents. The strong surf makes it a great option for more experienced surfers and strong swimmers. When you are done, there are many great places to grab a meal or go shopping in the immediate area. 

Nags Head

One of the most popular spots to go surfing in North Carolina is Nags Head, which is located on the Outer Banks. Nags Head is located near Kitty Hawk, which continues to be among the most popular vacation destinations in the state. Brook Taube and other surfers continue to love coming here for the great waves and convenient location to all of the restaurants, fishing, and other activities in the area.

Ocracoke Island

One of the popular vacation destinations in North Carolina is Ocracoke Island. This is a standalone island located just off the Outer Banks. While there are some consistent tourists here, the beaches and surf waters tend to be quieter than the areas near Kitty Hawk. Further, it can have some of the strongest surf and waves along the Atlantic Coast. The open space and strong waves continue to make it a top destination for Brook Taube and other surfers.

Wrightsville Beach

Brook Taube lives in the Wilmington, NC, area, and a top surfing option for anyone in this area is Wrightsville Beach. This beach is located a short drive away from downtown Wilmington and is known for offering great waves throughout the year. When the surf is rough, it is best left to more experienced surfers and swimmers. When you are done, you can relax on the beach or head to one of the local restaurants near the oceanfront. 

The state of North Carolina has continued to be a great place to enjoy some surfing. One of the reasons for this is that there are plenty of great places to go and try and catch waves. Surfing enthusiasts have continued to find great surfing spots throughout the state. These include a great mix of acclaimed and popular surfing destinations as well as lesser-known options for all to enjoy.