Donald Mihalik Offers Skiing Tips for New Beginners

Donald Mihalik of Lakewood Ranch, Florida, Offers Skiing Tips for New Beginners

Donald Mihalik has been an accomplished professional in the real estate industry for a long time. Over the course of his career, he has worked in real estate sales, real estate management, and the mortgage industry. While his real estate career has kept him busy, he does continue to have many interests. During the winter months of the year, he enjoys skiing due to the excitement and natural beauty that comes along with it. For those that are looking to start skiing, various tips should be followed.

 Get Some Lessons

For experienced skiers, such as Donald Mihalik, one of the most common tips that will be provided would be to ensure you get some lessons before hitting the ski runs for the first time. While skiing can be fun for everyone, it does take some skill and technique to maximize your experience. Even spending a few hours in a ski school can go a long way. Not only will you learn more about how to use your equipment and proper techniques, but you can also learn more about etiquette and mountain rules that help keep everyone safe.

 Start Slow

Another tip that Donald Mihalik and others will provide is to start slow. When you are going to a larger mountain range for the first time, you may be excited when you see the high slopes at the top. While you may want to try a blue or black run to start, it is often better to spend some time on the green runs. These will help you get warmed up and will help you build up your skills so you can tackle the more challenging ski runs later on.

 Get the Right Equipment

You must be adequately equipped when heading to the local ski resort. Some items that you will always need, no matter what, will include skis and ski boots, ski poles, goggles, and a helmet. In most cases, renting this equipment is a good idea. When you do rent this equipment, the sales professionals can help you select a set of skis that are right for your experience.

 Donald Mihalik and others also believe that it is essential that you wear the correct type of clothing. You will always want to have water-resistant outer layers that are designed to keep you warm and dry. You should also try and have a quality set of ski socks and gloves on at all times. This can help to keep you safe and avoid frostbite and windburn that otherwise can come with skiing at high altitudes in the winter.

 Be Alert and Aware

The most important thing that you need to be when skiing is alert and aware. As a lot of people can be moving at high speeds on the mountain, there is always a risk of collisions. Due to this, you should be alert and focused on the hill in front of you. Donald Mihalik and others would suggest you be cautious and avoid listening to music when going downhill.

 Skiing continues to be a very popular activity for many people and a passion for Mihalik. If you are new to skiing, following these tips can help you become better and have a more enjoyable time.