Portfolio Manager Cade Knudson: The Importance of the Outdoors 

Cade Bradford Knudson loves to trade in his suit and tie at the end of a long day to enjoy what the outdoors has to offer, often mentioning that it balances out the stress of managing multi-million dollar portfolios, and puts things into perspective. Cade is a magna cum laude graduate from a prestigious graduate school in Denver, where he was able to quickly grasp terms and aspects of his current expanded financial acumen. Since the age of 26, he has conducted quantitative, macro-economic, and relative valuations for portfolio models at some of the top hedge funds in the country. The weight of the decisions he has been making has been further compounded by the poor market performance at the beginning of the year.

The true mettle of a financial professional is tested only when the market is down, as most are exposed to their winnings only during periods of robust economic development and high percentage gains. Through this, Knudson has been able to take the lessons that mother nature teaches. If you can weather the storm, then clear skies are on the horizon.

From Financial Slopes to Ski Slopes

As a hedge fund portfolio manager, clients view him as the cream of the crop, and he has the ultimate fiduciary duty to them. Having the financial responsibility for the life savings of multiple clients would make anyone shudder at the thought. After many years, Cade Bradford Knudson has formulated a way to get away from it all and put things into perspective when things get tough. It is not enough to create a proper analytic instrument if there is no executive. After much deliberation and examination, Cade must still make the final call, despite the panic of his colleagues and clients.

Cade is a Colorado native who is very attached to his home state. It is a place of pristine beauty, with just enough metropolitan centers to make a hybrid life of city and country possible for its residents. perhaps the thing that Colorado is most known for is its beautiful mountains, where many of the domestic and international elites travel to take advantage of the rock climbing and ski/snowboard slopes available in such places as Aspen. Cade, of course, partakes in the sport at any chance he can get. He also uses this time for professional networking, as most industry professionals love to take some time away and visit the mountains of Colorado during their peak season.

Knudson doesn’t stop there. He loves to challenge himself physically year-round with such things as a gym subscription, riding his mountain bike, hiking through the natural sites that Colorado has to offer, and fly fishing. There are many other things that he would love to explore, as long as it gets him away from his desk and corporate suit and tie outfit. When a problem seems too large to handle, or a decision must be made, you can bet Cade will go fishing for answers.