Youth Soccer: What Kids Should Wear on the Field

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Most youth soccer leagues are fairly relaxed about dress code on the field, but there are a few requirements that all players need to meet. Here are some examples from Soccer Garage.

First, all players on the team need to be dressed in matching youth soccer uniforms. In more casual leagues, the referee might permit a new member of the team without an official uniform to play in a tee shirt of the appropriate color. In more competitive leagues, however, this might be prohibited.

Second, all players are required to meet a few basic safety standards. All players on both sides are expected to wear shin guards, and kids soccer cleats must conform to regulations. Cleats with metal tips are strictly prohibited, as are toe cleats. This means that cleats designed for football or baseball are not allowed on the field of play. This might be an inconvenience for parents, but it’s essential to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Goalkeepers have slightly different dress requirements in youth soccer. Goalkeepers are expected to wear a distinctive jersey so the referee can tell who is allowed to touch the ball with his or her hands. Most goalkeepers prefer to wear to special padded gloves to help them deflect shots and keep a grip on the ball. This isn’t strictly required, but kids goalkeeper gloves are inexpensive and they improve quality of play.

Youth soccer is a wonderful way to build sportsmanship and character, and clothing requirements are comparable to those in any other sport.