Manuel Mendy Goldring Shares 6 Reasons Cycling Is Good For Your Health

As Manuel Mendy Goldring explains, one of the ways to stay healthy is by being physically active. And what better way to exercise than through cycling? You can protect yourself from serious health conditions like heart disease, obesity, arthritis, mental illness, and diabetes. If you are looking for a physical activity that is not only fun but good for your health, consider cycling. Take a look at some of the health benefits of cycling.

Boosts Your Mental Health

Cycling can help relieve some mental conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety. Focusing on your cadence and the road allows you to concentrate on the present moment. This can help take your mind from whatever is causing you mental distress. Also, cycling is generally a fun activity that will help release endorphins in your body. This lowers your stress levels and puts you in a better mood.

Helps With Obesity And Weight Control

When you cycle, your metabolic rate increases, and you burn body fat and build muscles. That is why cycling is such a good activity to control or cut weight. If you are trying to cut weight, Manuel Mendy Goldring suggests pairing cycling with a healthy meal plan. Plus, this is a comfortable exercise where you can adjust your intensity to meet your needs. Steady cycling for about an hour can help you burn about 300 calories, which translates to at least 2000 calories in a week.

Promotes Coordination, Balance, And Posture

In the process of cycling, you will be improving your overall balance and posture. As one gets older, balance tends to decrease. Cycling can help you retain that balance, hence preventing falls.

Reduces The Risk Of Heart Disease And Cancer

As you cycle, you burn calories, and your heart rate increases, hence promoting blood circulation. This reduces the chances of you being overweight. This is why cycling is among the recommended ways to reduce the risk of getting major conditions like cancer and heart disease.

Helps Build Muscles

That resistance element that comes with cycling means you are not just burning fat but also building muscles. This is especially around quads, glutes, calves, and hamstrings. Fat is not as lean as muscles, and individuals with a bigger percentage of muscle tend to burn more calories even when inactive. As Manuel Mendy Goldring reminds you, it is likely that you will not end up with glutes like a track sprinter, but you will develop a nicely toned body.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Just like many other exercises, cycling can help promote your self-esteem. This occurs when you set goals for yourself and achieve them. A goal does not have to be complicated. Even deciding to be cycling for one hour daily for three days a week is still a goal. You can also set your goals in terms of distance. Once you achieve your goal, your body releases all these feel-good hormones that can enhance your self-esteem.

Manuel Mendy Goldring has seen the many health benefits of cycling. That is why he encourages other people to cycle as well. And as a bonus, you will also be protecting the environment because cycling is environmentally friendly.