Frank Bagnasco Supports Tour de Cure


Frank Bagnasco, love for outdoor adventure sports keeps him motivated. Not only is Mr. Bagnasco an avid spear fisherman and certified scuba diver, but he also enjoys participating in endurance sports such as the St Anthonys Triathlon, the Nautica Triathlon, and the Tour de Cure bike race that supports the American Diabetes Association.

Support for the American Diabetes Association

According to the CDC, 37.3 million people have diabetes and it is likely that 8.5 million more people have undiagnosed diabetes. This disease is the 3rd largest cause of death by chronic disease in America, with heart disease and cancer being number one and two. Frank Bagnasco knows that the sad part is that when diabetes is well managed, patients can live long and healthy lives.

This is why Mr. Bagnasco cycles for this invisible and symptomless disease that is often a result of high blood sugar. To raise money for more research more diagnostic testing, and more community awareness of a medical condition that can be prevented or managed with a healthy diet, regular exercise, the right medications, and consistent monitoring of your health numbers like blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Frank Bagnasco participates in the Tour de Cure

The American Diabetes Association has a critical mission to raise the funds needed to help a massive community of people, many of that are medically underserved in the diagnosis, prevention, and management of diabetes. Mr. Bagnasco also enjoys participating in the Tour de Cure because of the high level of endurance it takes to complete the race. As the charity’s signature fundraising event, about 50,000 cyclists in nearly 80 cities around the country participate each year.

Frank Bagnasco participates for charity, for the challenge, and for camaraderie as he cycles the entire 10 miles each year. Along with his riding gear, Mr. Bagnasco also brings encouragement and motivation from his family and friends. He offers some tips to new cyclists that are eager to participate in their first Tour de Cure bicycle race.

Tips to prepare for the Tour de Cure

  • Choose a training route that will be similar to the actual tour path
  • Make sure you do a full stretching routine before any long-distance bike run
  • Fuel up with plenty of carbs, proteins, and even some healthy fats
  • Switch training sessions between frequency, distance, and strength (uphill)
  • Never long distance bike without enough water and a sports drink

Frank Bagnasco suggests that before the race begins, you have a bicycle gear check, and you know the race course rules like cyclists cannot deviate from the race route. Most cyclists would do well to learn the techniques of positioning. The tuck position is the best way to take advantage of aerodynamic movement.

Next, it is the speed you cycle that must be considered. It can be challenging to maintain a consistent speed with riders near you which can also create crosswinds. This is the mental challenge of participating in a long-distance cycle like this, you must keep your cool, keep your balance, and keep pedaling! It is a joy for Frank Bagnasco to help support this important work while doing something he truly loves.