Life on the run: Stephanie L. McJury shares her 4 favorite running races

At work or in her personal life, Stephanie L. McJury just runs.

As a hospitality professional, the Fairport, NY, native knows how to run an event. Since graduating with a degree in Tourism and Recreation Management from Niagara University, Stephanie L. McJury has specialized in event creation and logistics. She currently serves as the Director of Meetings and Conferences, leading teams and coordinating vendors. As if this isn’t enough, she commits to volunteering at several Washington, D.C.-based groups, near where she now resides.

When she’s not running one of her many organizations, Stephanie L. McJury is most likely lacing up her sneakers to hit the pavement. As an avid runner, she’s competed in countless 5k and 10k races, in addition to several half and full marathons. These races have taken her around the country. She’s undoubtedly logged a lot of miles (and memories) along the way.

While it’s impossible to recount every event she’s ever run, Stephanie L. McJury goes the distance here, recapping her top four favorite races.

Marine Corps Marathon

Nicknamed “The People’s Marathon,” this race is one of the largest in the U.S. Hosted annually in Arlington, VA, it has also been rated as one of the best for over four decades. The Marine Corps Marathon has even attracted some famous finishers, including Supreme Court justices, diplomats, and politicians. What makes this race so attractive is the breathtaking historical views. Stephanie L. McJury and others are treated to a tour past some of the nation’s most recognizable landmarks.

Army Ten-Miler

Like the Marine Corps Marathon, Stephanie L. McJury enjoys running with a purpose. Military-endorsed events hold a special place in her heart. Both of her grandfathers served in the Army. That’s why she participated in this race more than any other. But it’s also why she devotes so much of her off-hours to charity. In addition to being a wreath layer at the Arlington National Cemetery, she also dedicates her time to the Honor Flight Network. This program arranges transportation so that military veterans can visit the capital’s war memorials. For her, the Army Ten-Miler is more than a race.

Buffalo Half Marathon

This is another personal favorite but for different reasons. The Buffalo Half Marathon is a chance to come home. Born and raised only a couple of hours away, Stephanie L. McJury finds that this event truly showcases the spirit of the community. It seems the entire city gets together for this one weekend, to sponsor a fun, well-organized race. As a bonus, participants enjoy picturesque views of Lake Erie and iconic parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. This summer, Stephanie L. McJury will be competing in her fifth Buffalo Half Marathon.

Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure

Almost everyone is familiar with this race’s iconic pink ribbons. This national fundraising effort was forced to go virtual in the last couple of years due to the pandemic. However, Stephanie L. McJury considers it a privilege to compete in person previously. She got to stroll through Central Park and one of the greatest cities in the world. And, again, she’s proud to support such a worthy cause in the process.