Preston Muller Provides Expert Fishing Advice in Coastal Angler Magazine


Preston Muller is one of Florida’s most trusted and skilled coasting fishing guide, with over 12 years of experience in his field. Muller’s reputation in Destin and beyond has increased to the point where he has become a recognized celebrity in some circles. For example, his online appearance in various videos has earned over 20 million views. Furthermore, he has become a respected columnist in Coastal Angler Magazine. He contributes to each monthly issue and provides engaging advice for anglers.

Preston Muller Engages With His Audience

Preston Muller was asked to contribute to Coastal Angler Magazine years ago and has become one of the most trusted and read writers for the magazine. His articles use a friendly and simple writing style that communicates directly with the reader to provide useful fishing advice. Muller covers many topics with his articles, focusing not just on excellent coastal fishing destinations in and around Destin but on providing baiting, hooking, and handling tips that help anglers catch more fish.

Muller’s expert opinions have translated into a well-liked series of articles focused heavily on Florida-based fishing. Muller has spent his professional career showing anglers in this state how to snag tough fish in open waters. He fully understands the unique challenges inherent in identifying and snagging fish in these areas. This unique experience has given him a perspective that few others in the industry possess.

His practical advice is designed for both casual and professional anglers. For example, he has written articles helping first-time coastal fishers better understand the gear that they need and the type of fishing techniques that work in the area. He has also given expert advice to experienced anglers, such as how to land the biggest fish off Florida’s coast and safety steps that minimize a serious risk of injury.

Though exact readership numbers are uncertain, the consistent presence of Preston Muller in each magazine, along with its national spread through various retail outlets and subscribers, means that Muller is likely getting a lot of attention from many readers. His articles have been praised by many of these readers in the magazine’s letter section, with particular attention paid to his friendly and welcoming tone. Muller works hard to make the readers feel comfortable when reading his work.

That relaxing atmosphere perfectly matches fishing itself which, even along Florida’s coast, is a relaxing but engaging experience. Muller’s focus on creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere has helped to make Coastal Angler Magazine one of the premier publications of its time on the market today. While many other great writers contribute to it, Muller and his unique fishing perspective are vitally important to its success.

All of this experience has provided Preston Muller with many unique opportunities. For example, he has earned new business thanks to people reading his column. His obvious experience and expertise have caused people in Destin and beyond to come to him for fishing tours and advice, particularly throughout the coastal area. Fishing the Florida coast is a very rewarding experience, Muller eloquently argues in his articles, especially when you find an expert to help you find the best possible locations.