David Bennett Galloway III scores more than touchdowns through charity

David Bennett Galloway III of Chapin South Carolina scores more than touchdowns through charity

The running back has earned a name for himself between the hash marks. At Chapin High School in South Carolina, he ran over the competition. Literally. In addition to being a standout sprinter in track, David Bennett Galloway III racked up countless awards and accolades on the football field, including earning all-state and offensive player of the year honors. In fact, 247Sports ranked him as a three-star recruit, with a composite score of 86. He will suit up for the Louisiana Monroe Warhawks this season in the Sun Belt Conference.

Yet his real grind happened off the gridiron. When he wasn’t racking up carries, he was committed to charity.

Although this effort doesn’t draw the same spotlight as his football career, he is even more proud of these accomplishments. Eager to share this part of his life with others, the Chapin native runs through some of his most meaningful experiences.

Generations of Chapin

He started going to this local assisted living facility with his family over three years ago. Yet he quickly found it so rewarding that he would routinely visit on his own. And he would happily help any way he could. While he performed general clean-up and meal delivery duties, he enjoyed his time in front of the piano the most. Here, he would play, sing, and entertain the residents. Seeing their reactions made it all worthwhile.

The Heritage at Lowman

But his singing couldn’t be contained to just one stage. David Bennett Galloway III also shared his talents and spread holiday cheer at The Heritage at Lowman. Similar to other places he frequented, his family would sing Christmas carols and spend time with residents during the winter months. This was a yearly tradition put together by one of his former preschool teachers.

Screaming Eagles Special Needs Athletics

Using his skills as a multi-sport athlete, he joined this organization to work with those less fortunate. David Bennett Galloway III would play games outside with special needs students in this ongoing program. He did this during his entire four-year high school career. Baseball was particularly fun. He would help them understand and participate in the basics of the game, including running bases and working on their batting stance. It was especially meaningful to connect with others in this way. Their joy and enthusiasm to try new things were contagious for him.

Senior Citizens Golden Eagle Evening

He also served in his student government for four years. One of his favorite events was the Senior Citizens Golden Eagle Evening. This one-night event, sponsored by the student government, paired seniors with students. The goal was to swap stories, share memories, and connect with those in their community. For David Bennett Galloway III, he liked hearing how his elder’s experiences and childhood differed from his own.

Frank Bagnasco Supports Tour de Cure


Frank Bagnasco, love for outdoor adventure sports keeps him motivated. Not only is Mr. Bagnasco an avid spear fisherman and certified scuba diver, but he also enjoys participating in endurance sports such as the St Anthonys Triathlon, the Nautica Triathlon, and the Tour de Cure bike race that supports the American Diabetes Association.

Support for the American Diabetes Association

According to the CDC, 37.3 million people have diabetes and it is likely that 8.5 million more people have undiagnosed diabetes. This disease is the 3rd largest cause of death by chronic disease in America, with heart disease and cancer being number one and two. Frank Bagnasco knows that the sad part is that when diabetes is well managed, patients can live long and healthy lives.

This is why Mr. Bagnasco cycles for this invisible and symptomless disease that is often a result of high blood sugar. To raise money for more research more diagnostic testing, and more community awareness of a medical condition that can be prevented or managed with a healthy diet, regular exercise, the right medications, and consistent monitoring of your health numbers like blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Frank Bagnasco participates in the Tour de Cure

The American Diabetes Association has a critical mission to raise the funds needed to help a massive community of people, many of that are medically underserved in the diagnosis, prevention, and management of diabetes. Mr. Bagnasco also enjoys participating in the Tour de Cure because of the high level of endurance it takes to complete the race. As the charity’s signature fundraising event, about 50,000 cyclists in nearly 80 cities around the country participate each year.

Frank Bagnasco participates for charity, for the challenge, and for camaraderie as he cycles the entire 10 miles each year. Along with his riding gear, Mr. Bagnasco also brings encouragement and motivation from his family and friends. He offers some tips to new cyclists that are eager to participate in their first Tour de Cure bicycle race.

Tips to prepare for the Tour de Cure

  • Choose a training route that will be similar to the actual tour path
  • Make sure you do a full stretching routine before any long-distance bike run
  • Fuel up with plenty of carbs, proteins, and even some healthy fats
  • Switch training sessions between frequency, distance, and strength (uphill)
  • Never long distance bike without enough water and a sports drink

Frank Bagnasco suggests that before the race begins, you have a bicycle gear check, and you know the race course rules like cyclists cannot deviate from the race route. Most cyclists would do well to learn the techniques of positioning. The tuck position is the best way to take advantage of aerodynamic movement.

Next, it is the speed you cycle that must be considered. It can be challenging to maintain a consistent speed with riders near you which can also create crosswinds. This is the mental challenge of participating in a long-distance cycle like this, you must keep your cool, keep your balance, and keep pedaling! It is a joy for Frank Bagnasco to help support this important work while doing something he truly loves.

Dr. Melchiore Buscemi on the 3 Best Cities To Tour On A Bicycle

As a native New Yorker, Dr. Melchiore Buscemi has seen firsthand the importance of a bicycle-friendly city. The NYC DOT permits bicycling on all main and local streets throughout, as long as the cyclist obeys the same laws applicable to drivers of motor vehicles. But, what really makes a city bicycle-friendly is one that has a topography that is relatively flat, one that features many days of mild and dry weather, and one that has an on-street infrastructure that makes commuting or sightseeing by bicycle safer and easier.

The best cities to tour on a bicycle will also feature bicycle parking, public transportation that supports bicycle travel, and lots of designated bicycle lanes with good signage. There are many cities with dual bicycle and automobile road networks that can take a cyclist through major metropolitan hubs, along scenic routes, and between great entertainment and dining experiences.

Dr. Melchiore Buscemi Suggests A Scenic NYC Bike Tour

There are many established bike touring service providers in the city, but you can go it alone by renting bikes from one of the 750 stations that exist across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Jersey City. Next, Dr. Melchiore Buscemi suggests taking advantage of the hundreds of miles of designated bike lanes that include cycling along the Hudson River Greenway or taking the 11-mile path from Battery Park to the southernmost tip of Manhattan.

Visit National Landmarks on a Bicycle Tour in Washington, D.C.

Actually, riding a bicycle is one of the easiest ways to eliminate the traffic jams and full parking lots while vacationing in Washington, D.C. Take advantage of the over 1,800 bicycles for rent as part of the Capital Bikeshare Program then cruise along to view the impressive memorials and monuments or tackle the beautiful 185-mile-long C&O Canal trail that stretches from Washington, DC to Cumberland, MD. For a more family-friendly bicycle tour, ride along the picturesque Mount Vernon Trail that features breathtaking views of the Washington DC skyline and the Potomac River, and travel right through Old Town Alexandria.

View Amazing Architecture and Urban Beaches in Chicago, IL

Dr. Melchiore Buscemi believes most people would be surprised to learn that Chicago, IL is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the US that boasts a flat terrain and hundreds of miles of new bike lanes. Consider traveling along multi-use roadways and scenic trails that include the Lakefront Trail, Burnham Greenway, or a quick spin along the many bike lanes in Chicago’s Northwest Side. While cycling through downtown, don’t forget to admire the iconic buildings that boast Art Deco and classical architecture like the Carbide & Carbon Building and The Rookery, along with Frank Lloyd Wright’s Charnley-Persky House Museum.

Dr. Melchiore Buscemi enjoys the great outdoors as an avid cyclist, mountain climber, and alpine skier. He is also an accomplished Cellist and had played in a variety of Off-Broadway shows in various locations throughout New York City. As a medical physician, Dr. Melchiore Buscemi treats a lot of urologic issues associated with biking.

Cade Bradford Knudson powers through 6 tips for the perfect workout routine

Cade Bradford Knudson has a plan.

Whether it’s at home or at the office, the Denver-based executive is detail-oriented and meticulous. This work ethic has enabled him to consistently meet deadlines and deliverables while managing multi-million dollar portfolios.

Yet this didn’t happen by accident. Even from a young age, Cade Knudson Denver knew that he wanted to pursue a career in business. He crafted a life plan that carried him from the top of his class in high school to magna cum laude in graduate school. Through academic and real-world opportunities, he has displayed unparalleled determination, intensity, and effort.

Despite this tremendous success, Cade Bradford Knudson puts in his real work at the gym. He is equally committed to a healthy work-life balance. Although he enjoys spending his free time outdoors, he still logs plenty of hours in the gym too.

But, like everything else, Cade Knudson Denver never just wings it. Building muscles and boosting performance requires a focused approach. While there are endless exercises and equipment to choose from, developing a personalized workout plan starts with the basics.

With this in mind, the Denver-based fitness enthusiast reps out six steps for creating a winning workout plan.

Establish goals

Ask yourself, “why?” Are you trying to bulk up, slim down, or train for a race? The answers to these questions will drive the direction of your entire plan. Cade Bradford Knudson advocates using the “SMART” method. Set targets that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based.

Set a schedule

Check your watch. Circle the calendar. Decide how many days and times you can commit. Total-body workouts are ideal if you plan on only hitting the gym a couple of times a week. For more frequent sessions, isolate specific muscle groups to allow for recovery.

Take inventory

Your gym’s layout, equipment, and environment should not be overlooked. Take note of what’s available. If it’s hard to get your hands on certain pieces, limit circuits. During high-traffic times, Cade Knudson Denver recommends sticking to only one type of equipment.

Build out sets

Rep. Rest. Repeat. It’s a simple formula that will be the basis of any plan. Tailor it based on your goals. Use lower reps and more sets to add strength. Fewer sets, with 8-12 reps, are most effective for building bulk. Higher reps are beneficial when trying to lose weight.

Select exercises

Craft a plan that mixes more than just equipment. It’s important to consider movements and exercise types too. Supersets and circuit training can hit several muscle groups at once. Don’t discount the value of trial and error. See what works best for you, but always proceed with caution. Avoid progressing too quickly.

Eat healthy

You won’t achieve your goals on an empty stomach. Fuel up properly for sustained energy before, during, and after a workout. Although your individual dietary needs will vary, follow the basic requirements set up in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This emphasizes proteins, whole grains, and fresh fruit while limiting sodium and sugar.

Strength Training for Improved Health and Mobility


Strength training can make a positive impact on your overall health and wellness. Henry Agallar understands the importance of taking care of your health in order to stay active. If mobility is an issue because of pain or an injury, strength training can improve mobility to make it easier to exercise. Improving your mobility through exercise takes time and effort, and it is useful to stick to a program designed by a professional.

Identify Your Needs and Create a Plan

Poor mobility is usually progressive, which means it can be hard to identify what your specific needs are. You may want to work with a physical therapist or fitness professional in order to identify what your specific needs are. Once you have a plan for strength training in place, it becomes easier to measure your progress. A good strength training plan will help you move forward with your abilities, and help you overcome some of the needs you have.

Staying Consistent With Exercise

It may be painful for you to begin an exercise program. If you have been limiting your movement because of pain, it’s time to take control of your exercise routine. Henry Agallar recommends starting slow with your exercise routine in order to progress at your own pace. The goal is to stay consistent, and you will see improvements because of your persistence. When you stick to a training program, you are going to get stronger. Strength training helps improve your mobility, allowing you to optimize what you have. 

Healing Through Strength Training

Posture, mobility, and endurance can all be improved when you pay attention to strength training. Everyone is at a different stage in their training, and it’s important to start somewhere. Pain makes it difficult for many people to begin a strength training program. You can heal your body slowly with the help of a good personal trainer. When your strength improves, so does your ability to exercise even harder. If you are looking for ways to increase your mobility, you have to strengthen the muscles involved in walking.

When pain is present, mobility can decrease rapidly. For people struggling with exercise, it’s important to identify what is causing the pain. Strength training can be done at all levels. Whether you are a hardcore athlete, or you are simply trying to walk longer distances, strength training makes a big difference in your abilities. If you aren’t sure where to start, work with a personal trainer or therapist to develop an exercise routine that meets your needs. Pay attention to increases in pain, and stay consistent with your exercises. You can improve your health, but you have to make a commitment to the process.   

Texas Longhorns Three-Step: Jeffrey Maddox dances through 3 key storylines for the upcoming season

The Texas Longhorns have dominated the headlines this off-season. Yet Jeffrey Maddox and other diehards are most interested in what’s happening on the field.

With a move to the SEC looming shortly, the chatter has centered around conference realignment, revenue sharing, and the future of Texas football. With all this noise, it’s easy to forget the Longhorns cratered to a 5-7 record last season, including a six-game losing streak in Big 12 play. 

Jeffrey Maddox hopes to hook a few more wins in 2022.

And he has a vested interest. While he isn’t a coach or coordinator, Jeffrey Maddox is a proud University of Texas alumnus. After earning his Master’s degree, he immediately began working in accounting. He currently spends his days as an investment banking director in Houston. But he spends his Saturdays at Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium.

That’s why, like most other fans who bleed burnt orange, Jeffrey Maddox looks at the upcoming season with rose-colored glasses. With this in mind, he shares three key storylines that he’s looking forward to most in 2022.

Competing at QB

Who’s under center? No, this isn’t a bad spin on the classic Abbott and Costello routine. In fact, it’s not a joke at all. With the team struggling to find consistent leadership a year ago, the answer will likely define the team’s entire season. 

And it won’t be Arch Manning yet. While the team will have to wait one more year for the highly-coveted recruit to arrive on campus, there are more than capable options at the helm. Incumbent starter Hudson Card will get the first crack but expect Quinn Ewers to inevitably take over. The Ohio State transfer, who enrolled early, is the highest-rated quarterback prospect ever to step foot in Austin. He’s the odds-on favorite to win the job.

Running it back

In any Steve Sarkisian offense, the passing game always gets top billing. Receiver Xavier Worthy is returning after a 12-touchdown, All-Big 12 First Team campaign. With fellow starter Jordan Whittington and Alabama transfer Jahleel Billingsley as his running mates, the Texas Longhorns will undoubtedly look to air it out yet again.

But don’t sleep on Bijan Robinson. The third-year rusher has been heavily featured on most pre-season watch lists, including the Walter Camp Player of the Year, Maxwell Award, and the Doak Walker Award. He averaged a staggering 5.8 yards per carry behind a patchwork offensive line. If this unit improves as expected, Bijan Robinson will be running amuck all over the Forty Acres.

Welcoming new faces

Casual fans might need to check the program on Week 1. The Longhorns are infusing the sidelines with even more talent, says Jeffrey Maddox.

Texas closed out the recruiting cycle with the nation’s No. 5 class, headlined by a pair of five-star offensive linemen in Devon Campbell and Kelvin Banks. The team was also able to flip top-ten ranked cornerback Terrance Brooks, who previously committed to Ohio State. In addition to Ewers and Billingsley, Sarkisian also added elite transfers, like cornerback Ryan Watts and former Wyoming receiver Isaiah Neyor. These new arrivals should have an immediate impact.

Portfolio Manager Cade Knudson: The Importance of the Outdoors 

Cade Bradford Knudson loves to trade in his suit and tie at the end of a long day to enjoy what the outdoors has to offer, often mentioning that it balances out the stress of managing multi-million dollar portfolios, and puts things into perspective. Cade is a magna cum laude graduate from a prestigious graduate school in Denver, where he was able to quickly grasp terms and aspects of his current expanded financial acumen. Since the age of 26, he has conducted quantitative, macro-economic, and relative valuations for portfolio models at some of the top hedge funds in the country. The weight of the decisions he has been making has been further compounded by the poor market performance at the beginning of the year.

The true mettle of a financial professional is tested only when the market is down, as most are exposed to their winnings only during periods of robust economic development and high percentage gains. Through this, Knudson has been able to take the lessons that mother nature teaches. If you can weather the storm, then clear skies are on the horizon.

From Financial Slopes to Ski Slopes

As a hedge fund portfolio manager, clients view him as the cream of the crop, and he has the ultimate fiduciary duty to them. Having the financial responsibility for the life savings of multiple clients would make anyone shudder at the thought. After many years, Cade Bradford Knudson has formulated a way to get away from it all and put things into perspective when things get tough. It is not enough to create a proper analytic instrument if there is no executive. After much deliberation and examination, Cade must still make the final call, despite the panic of his colleagues and clients.

Cade is a Colorado native who is very attached to his home state. It is a place of pristine beauty, with just enough metropolitan centers to make a hybrid life of city and country possible for its residents. perhaps the thing that Colorado is most known for is its beautiful mountains, where many of the domestic and international elites travel to take advantage of the rock climbing and ski/snowboard slopes available in such places as Aspen. Cade, of course, partakes in the sport at any chance he can get. He also uses this time for professional networking, as most industry professionals love to take some time away and visit the mountains of Colorado during their peak season.

Knudson doesn’t stop there. He loves to challenge himself physically year-round with such things as a gym subscription, riding his mountain bike, hiking through the natural sites that Colorado has to offer, and fly fishing. There are many other things that he would love to explore, as long as it gets him away from his desk and corporate suit and tie outfit. When a problem seems too large to handle, or a decision must be made, you can bet Cade will go fishing for answers.

Sunny Slopes: Donald Mihalik carves up 4 hot ski locations for Florida residents


Donald Mihalik knows a thing or two about “hot” properties.

As a real estate broker, Donald Mihalik has reimagined the entire sales process, working tirelessly to pair potential customers with properties. He values his client’s needs and lifestyles to find that perfect match. It’s a profession he takes seriously, but it isn’t his only purpose either. Donald Mihalik is a regular volunteer and wildlife conversationist. Juggling all of these responsibilities can make anyone work up a sweat.

That’s why, when Donald Mihalik does take a break, he’s looking for something cool. Literally. As an avid skier, he is always searching for an excuse to hit the slopes. But that’s not always easy for the Lakewood Ranch, FL, resident. After all, the area is known for endless sunshine and sandy beaches, not powdery slopes. Luckily, he doesn’t have to travel far to find a hillside worth carving up.

With this in mind, Donald Mihalik slides through four sizzling ski destinations within driving distance from Florida.

Cloudmont Ski & Golf Resort

As its name implies, Cloudmont Ski & Golf Resort offers a wide range of year-round activities. However, once the overnight temperatures drop below freezing, the real fun can begin. Since 1970, skiing has been the 800-acre resort’s main attraction. It’s an ideal destination for families hoping to tip their toes in the snow on beginner-to-intermediate slopes. Less than nine hours from Lakewood Ranch, Cloudmont Ski & Golf Resort is a short drive for Florida residents. Or, you can fly into Chattanooga and cut the drive to under an hour.

Beech Mountain Resort

North Carolina is littered with ski resorts. Located in the state’s High County, Beech Mountain Resort is a hidden gem. Often overlooked by the area’s larger slopes, this destination combines picturesque peaks with a low-key atmosphere. Here, guests can enjoy freestyle terrain or even snow tubing at one of its 15 scenic trails. Although group instruction and private lessons are available, the resort’s sky-high eatery and quaint lodging may be the true standouts. And it only takes approximately 12 hours to reach this relaxing spot.

Appalachian Ski Resort

Also nestled in North Carolina, the Appalachian Ski Resort is one of the most affordable, family-friendly options in the area. In fact, it’s routinely rated as one of the best places for kids to learn how to ski. That’s because the southern portions of this mountain range are much closer and cheaper when compared to other areas. However, despite being on the smaller side, there are still plenty of options for more advanced skiers. Appalachian Ski Resort is home to the French-Swiss Ski College, which has offered group and individual instruction to rookies, novices, and professionals alike.

Snowshoe Mountain Resort

Extend your experience even further with a trip to West Virginia. Although it is over 14 hours from Lakewood Ranch, Snowshoe Mountain Resort is worth the drive. This five-star locale checks all the boxes. While the entire resort spans a whooping 11,000 acres, the numbers go much deeper. It includes 257 acres of skiable terrain, over 60 trails, and more than 1,500 vertical feet. Snowshoe Mountain Resort is one of the most popular destinations in all of the southeast. Since it’s situated inside a national forest, hotels are spares. Yet the resort features more than 1,400 available lodging units.

Preston Muller Provides Expert Fishing Advice in Coastal Angler Magazine


Preston Muller is one of Florida’s most trusted and skilled coasting fishing guide, with over 12 years of experience in his field. Muller’s reputation in Destin and beyond has increased to the point where he has become a recognized celebrity in some circles. For example, his online appearance in various videos has earned over 20 million views. Furthermore, he has become a respected columnist in Coastal Angler Magazine. He contributes to each monthly issue and provides engaging advice for anglers.

Preston Muller Engages With His Audience

Preston Muller was asked to contribute to Coastal Angler Magazine years ago and has become one of the most trusted and read writers for the magazine. His articles use a friendly and simple writing style that communicates directly with the reader to provide useful fishing advice. Muller covers many topics with his articles, focusing not just on excellent coastal fishing destinations in and around Destin but on providing baiting, hooking, and handling tips that help anglers catch more fish.

Muller’s expert opinions have translated into a well-liked series of articles focused heavily on Florida-based fishing. Muller has spent his professional career showing anglers in this state how to snag tough fish in open waters. He fully understands the unique challenges inherent in identifying and snagging fish in these areas. This unique experience has given him a perspective that few others in the industry possess.

His practical advice is designed for both casual and professional anglers. For example, he has written articles helping first-time coastal fishers better understand the gear that they need and the type of fishing techniques that work in the area. He has also given expert advice to experienced anglers, such as how to land the biggest fish off Florida’s coast and safety steps that minimize a serious risk of injury.

Though exact readership numbers are uncertain, the consistent presence of Preston Muller in each magazine, along with its national spread through various retail outlets and subscribers, means that Muller is likely getting a lot of attention from many readers. His articles have been praised by many of these readers in the magazine’s letter section, with particular attention paid to his friendly and welcoming tone. Muller works hard to make the readers feel comfortable when reading his work.

That relaxing atmosphere perfectly matches fishing itself which, even along Florida’s coast, is a relaxing but engaging experience. Muller’s focus on creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere has helped to make Coastal Angler Magazine one of the premier publications of its time on the market today. While many other great writers contribute to it, Muller and his unique fishing perspective are vitally important to its success.

All of this experience has provided Preston Muller with many unique opportunities. For example, he has earned new business thanks to people reading his column. His obvious experience and expertise have caused people in Destin and beyond to come to him for fishing tours and advice, particularly throughout the coastal area. Fishing the Florida coast is a very rewarding experience, Muller eloquently argues in his articles, especially when you find an expert to help you find the best possible locations.

Peter Bowen serves up the best supplements for muscle growth, weight loss, and recovery

Even Peter Bowen needs a spot.

The New Orleans-based fitness enthusiast knows that diet and exercise alone aren’t enough. Just like his other ventures as an investor and entrepreneur, Peter Bowen knows his workouts demand a collaborative, comprehensive approach.

Peter Bowen takes lifting weights seriously, but he devotes equal energy and effort to fueling himself properly. However, it can be difficult getting all the nutrients he needs. Supplements help fill in those gaps.

While it’s important to consult with a physician or registered dietitian beforehand, Peter Bowen uses his experience to share several supplements that can help regardless of your fitness goals.

Muscle Growth

Creatine – This molecule occurs naturally in the body. However, when taken as a supplement, creatine boosts performance in a couple of ways. First, creatine ignites the muscle’s energy output. This allows for more reps and longer lift sessions. Yet it also draws water into the cells. When combined with the insulin-like qualities that are triggered, creatine increases long-term muscle growth. To maximize these gains, Peter Bowen encourages you to take creatine before and after a workout.

Whey – It’s actually quite simple. Exercise breaks down muscles. Protein repairs these muscles so they can grow. While there are several protein supplements on the market, Peter Bowen prefers whey over casein or soy. Whey protein is high in the amino acids necessary for growth and is absorbed quickly by the body.

Beta-Alanine – Although it’s not traditionally thought of as a muscle enhancer, beta-alanine goes to work. The amino acid reduces fatigue and increases power output. During intense workouts, throw more weight around. This heightened output will inevitably produce more gains.

Weight Loss

Glucomannan – Few supplements offer greater scientifically-backed benefits. Glucomannan is a fiber that becomes gel-like after absorbing water. The result is a feeling of “fullness” that causes users to eat less. To tap into the effects, Peter Bowen recommends taking the supplement before meals and with plenty of water.

Caffeine – The ideal weight loss solution may be already in your cup. Caffeine is a common metabolism booster. Since it’s so widely available, Peter Bowen cautions against taking caffeine pills. The best supplementation is naturally through coffee, tea, or dark chocolate.

Green Tea Extract – Green tea is especially popular. It contains an antioxidant that blocks fat absorption while also melting away extra pounds. That’s why this extract is a frequent ingredient in many weight-loss supplements.


CBD – Once considered taboo, cannabidiol is finally getting props for its health benefits. In fact, it’s taking center stage. Ahead of the most recent Olympics in Tokyo, the World Anti-Doping Agency officially removed the compound from its banned substance list. There have been countless scientific studies touting the effects of CBD when used specifically for exercise. Most notably, it’s been proven to reduce inflammation and improve mobility.

Glutamine – As an amino acid, glutamine checks a lot of boxes. It promotes muscle growth through protein synthesis and weight loss by improving gut health. However, as Peter Bowen points out, it offers the best support for muscle recovery. Glutamine repairs muscle fibers and assists in glycogen repletion.