Cade Bradford Knudson powers through 6 tips for the perfect workout routine

Cade Bradford Knudson has a plan.

Whether it’s at home or at the office, the Denver-based executive is detail-oriented and meticulous. This work ethic has enabled him to consistently meet deadlines and deliverables while managing multi-million dollar portfolios.

Yet this didn’t happen by accident. Even from a young age, Cade Knudson Denver knew that he wanted to pursue a career in business. He crafted a life plan that carried him from the top of his class in high school to magna cum laude in graduate school. Through academic and real-world opportunities, he has displayed unparalleled determination, intensity, and effort.

Despite this tremendous success, Cade Bradford Knudson puts in his real work at the gym. He is equally committed to a healthy work-life balance. Although he enjoys spending his free time outdoors, he still logs plenty of hours in the gym too.

But, like everything else, Cade Knudson Denver never just wings it. Building muscles and boosting performance requires a focused approach. While there are endless exercises and equipment to choose from, developing a personalized workout plan starts with the basics.

With this in mind, the Denver-based fitness enthusiast reps out six steps for creating a winning workout plan.

Establish goals

Ask yourself, “why?” Are you trying to bulk up, slim down, or train for a race? The answers to these questions will drive the direction of your entire plan. Cade Bradford Knudson advocates using the “SMART” method. Set targets that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based.

Set a schedule

Check your watch. Circle the calendar. Decide how many days and times you can commit. Total-body workouts are ideal if you plan on only hitting the gym a couple of times a week. For more frequent sessions, isolate specific muscle groups to allow for recovery.

Take inventory

Your gym’s layout, equipment, and environment should not be overlooked. Take note of what’s available. If it’s hard to get your hands on certain pieces, limit circuits. During high-traffic times, Cade Knudson Denver recommends sticking to only one type of equipment.

Build out sets

Rep. Rest. Repeat. It’s a simple formula that will be the basis of any plan. Tailor it based on your goals. Use lower reps and more sets to add strength. Fewer sets, with 8-12 reps, are most effective for building bulk. Higher reps are beneficial when trying to lose weight.

Select exercises

Craft a plan that mixes more than just equipment. It’s important to consider movements and exercise types too. Supersets and circuit training can hit several muscle groups at once. Don’t discount the value of trial and error. See what works best for you, but always proceed with caution. Avoid progressing too quickly.

Eat healthy

You won’t achieve your goals on an empty stomach. Fuel up properly for sustained energy before, during, and after a workout. Although your individual dietary needs will vary, follow the basic requirements set up in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This emphasizes proteins, whole grains, and fresh fruit while limiting sodium and sugar.