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Peter Bowen serves up the best supplements for muscle growth, weight loss, and recovery

Even Peter Bowen needs a spot.

The New Orleans-based fitness enthusiast knows that diet and exercise alone aren’t enough. Just like his other ventures as an investor and entrepreneur, Peter Bowen knows his workouts demand a collaborative, comprehensive approach.

Peter Bowen takes lifting weights seriously, but he devotes equal energy and effort to fueling himself properly. However, it can be difficult getting all the nutrients he needs. Supplements help fill in those gaps.

While it’s important to consult with a physician or registered dietitian beforehand, Peter Bowen uses his experience to share several supplements that can help regardless of your fitness goals.

Muscle Growth

Creatine – This molecule occurs naturally in the body. However, when taken as a supplement, creatine boosts performance in a couple of ways. First, creatine ignites the muscle’s energy output. This allows for more reps and longer lift sessions. Yet it also draws water into the cells. When combined with the insulin-like qualities that are triggered, creatine increases long-term muscle growth. To maximize these gains, Peter Bowen encourages you to take creatine before and after a workout.

Whey – It’s actually quite simple. Exercise breaks down muscles. Protein repairs these muscles so they can grow. While there are several protein supplements on the market, Peter Bowen prefers whey over casein or soy. Whey protein is high in the amino acids necessary for growth and is absorbed quickly by the body.

Beta-Alanine – Although it’s not traditionally thought of as a muscle enhancer, beta-alanine goes to work. The amino acid reduces fatigue and increases power output. During intense workouts, throw more weight around. This heightened output will inevitably produce more gains.

Weight Loss

Glucomannan – Few supplements offer greater scientifically-backed benefits. Glucomannan is a fiber that becomes gel-like after absorbing water. The result is a feeling of “fullness” that causes users to eat less. To tap into the effects, Peter Bowen recommends taking the supplement before meals and with plenty of water.

Caffeine – The ideal weight loss solution may be already in your cup. Caffeine is a common metabolism booster. Since it’s so widely available, Peter Bowen cautions against taking caffeine pills. The best supplementation is naturally through coffee, tea, or dark chocolate.

Green Tea Extract – Green tea is especially popular. It contains an antioxidant that blocks fat absorption while also melting away extra pounds. That’s why this extract is a frequent ingredient in many weight-loss supplements.


CBD – Once considered taboo, cannabidiol is finally getting props for its health benefits. In fact, it’s taking center stage. Ahead of the most recent Olympics in Tokyo, the World Anti-Doping Agency officially removed the compound from its banned substance list. There have been countless scientific studies touting the effects of CBD when used specifically for exercise. Most notably, it’s been proven to reduce inflammation and improve mobility.

Glutamine – As an amino acid, glutamine checks a lot of boxes. It promotes muscle growth through protein synthesis and weight loss by improving gut health. However, as Peter Bowen points out, it offers the best support for muscle recovery. Glutamine repairs muscle fibers and assists in glycogen repletion.

Manuel Mendy Goldring Shares 6 Reasons Cycling Is Good For Your Health

As Manuel Mendy Goldring explains, one of the ways to stay healthy is by being physically active. And what better way to exercise than through cycling? You can protect yourself from serious health conditions like heart disease, obesity, arthritis, mental illness, and diabetes. If you are looking for a physical activity that is not only fun but good for your health, consider cycling. Take a look at some of the health benefits of cycling.

Boosts Your Mental Health

Cycling can help relieve some mental conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety. Focusing on your cadence and the road allows you to concentrate on the present moment. This can help take your mind from whatever is causing you mental distress. Also, cycling is generally a fun activity that will help release endorphins in your body. This lowers your stress levels and puts you in a better mood.

Helps With Obesity And Weight Control

When you cycle, your metabolic rate increases, and you burn body fat and build muscles. That is why cycling is such a good activity to control or cut weight. If you are trying to cut weight, Manuel Mendy Goldring suggests pairing cycling with a healthy meal plan. Plus, this is a comfortable exercise where you can adjust your intensity to meet your needs. Steady cycling for about an hour can help you burn about 300 calories, which translates to at least 2000 calories in a week.

Promotes Coordination, Balance, And Posture

In the process of cycling, you will be improving your overall balance and posture. As one gets older, balance tends to decrease. Cycling can help you retain that balance, hence preventing falls.

Reduces The Risk Of Heart Disease And Cancer

As you cycle, you burn calories, and your heart rate increases, hence promoting blood circulation. This reduces the chances of you being overweight. This is why cycling is among the recommended ways to reduce the risk of getting major conditions like cancer and heart disease.

Helps Build Muscles

That resistance element that comes with cycling means you are not just burning fat but also building muscles. This is especially around quads, glutes, calves, and hamstrings. Fat is not as lean as muscles, and individuals with a bigger percentage of muscle tend to burn more calories even when inactive. As Manuel Mendy Goldring reminds you, it is likely that you will not end up with glutes like a track sprinter, but you will develop a nicely toned body.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Just like many other exercises, cycling can help promote your self-esteem. This occurs when you set goals for yourself and achieve them. A goal does not have to be complicated. Even deciding to be cycling for one hour daily for three days a week is still a goal. You can also set your goals in terms of distance. Once you achieve your goal, your body releases all these feel-good hormones that can enhance your self-esteem.

Manuel Mendy Goldring has seen the many health benefits of cycling. That is why he encourages other people to cycle as well. And as a bonus, you will also be protecting the environment because cycling is environmentally friendly.

Here’s How Mechanical Back Pain Treatment Can Improve Your Life According to Habib Chharawala of Bruggemeyer’s Osteopathic Practice

Habib Chharawala of Bruggemeyer’s Osteopathic Practice covers mechanical treatment and how it may allow you to improve your quality of life.

Back pain is a huge problem for Americans and folks around the world. Roughly 16 million Americans suffer from chronic back pain, with tens of millions more experiencing it on occasion. Fortunately, treatment can help. Medical expert Habib Chharawala of  Bruggemeyer’s Osteopathic Practice explains what mechanical treatment is and how it can relieve back pain.

“When I got into healthcare, I wanted to maximize how much of a difference I could make,” Habib Chharawala says. “This has led me to mechanical treatment as it allows you to treat back pain and pain in other tissues and joints as well.”

Mechanical therapy addresses mechanical dysfunctions. If your jaw hurts when you open your mouth or your back is sore when you get out of bed, a mechanical dysfunction may be at fault. If mechanical issues are the underlying cause of your pain, treatment with medication may prove ineffective in the long run. Pain pills might mask a patient’s pain today, but without fixing the underlying physical issues, that pain may become chronic.

Mechanical back pain treatment addresses the underlying problems that may be causing strain, pain, immobility, and other issues. Unfortunately, a sore back can cause all of these issues and more. Mechanical treatment, however, may relieve your back pain and help you restore your health.

“Different problems require different solutions,” Habib Chharawala notes. “If you want to enjoy your best health, it’s typically best to approach medical care holistically. Some treatment methods are better at treating certain conditions compared to others.”

Your back may be sore for a variety of reasons. One of the most common back pain problems is mechanical back pain. This means that the spine, joints, soft tissue, and discs are the cause of your problem rather than chemical imbalances or the like. When treating mechanical back pain, mechanical treatment is often the best method.

With mechanical treatment, medical experts will use hands-on treatment, like physical therapy, to reduce strain and to ensure that joints, bones, and muscles are functioning properly.

“Mechanical back pain treatment is a hands-on exercise, and that’s a good thing,” Habib Chharawala suggests. “Medications can’t be the answer for everything, and reducing strain reduces pain not just today but for years to come.”

If you’re suffering from a sore back, it’s wise to reach out to a mechanical therapy expert like Habib Chharawala at Bruggemeyer’s Osteopathic Practice. Generally, mechanical therapists will start by assessing the problem, classifying it, then providing treatment. A medical expert can also provide preventative health tips to prevent issues in the future. This way, you can lead your fullest life.

Habib Chharawala From  Bruggemeyer’s Osteopathic Practice Urges Patients Not to Suffer Through Chronic Pain

Some people try to tough their way through chronic pain. Unfortunately, this could ruin your quality of life, and you may not even notice. Many people suffering from chronic pain think they’re leading life on their own terms. However, they may be subconsciously avoiding many activities, such as hiking, playing with their kids, and working in the yard.

“Never accept chronic pain,” Habib Chharawala of Bruggemeyer’s Osteopathic Practice urges. “It’s often treatable, and once treated, you may find yourself happier and more active. Sometimes folks worry about getting hooked on medications, but with mechanical therapy, you don’t need prescriptions.”

Once treated, you may find yourself getting back to the activities you love.